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Openly's commitment to transparency is seen in every aspect of our operation.

This includes making it easy to access your policy contract.

** Policy contract is for illustrative purposes only. Contract and forms may vary by state. **

Openly's insurance contracts are structured in a unique format. Start with a base ISO contract (either HO 00 05 or HO 00 03 depending on the primary use of the home) and then add:

  1. The Openly General Endorsement
  2. The program specific Openly Endorsement
  3. The state specific special provisions
  4. Additional endorsements (both ISO and Openly specific)

Openly Enhanced Coverage Features

  • Coverage A: Guaranteed Replacement Coverage up to $5 million
  • Coverage B: Replacement Cost coverage for Certain non-Building Structures
  • Coverage E: Personal Injury Coverage
  • Coverage F: Maximum $10,000 Coverage Limit
  • No Ordinance & Law Sub-Limits
  • Roof Repair Matching Coverage
  • Increased limits for Fire Dept. Service Charge Reimbursement, Lock Replacement, Damage to Other's Property, Debris Removal, Tree/Shrub/Plant Replacement
  • Mold Coverage Limits
  • $100,000 Loss Assessment Coverage Limit

Homeowners Only Additional Coverages

  • Coverage B: Coverage for Other Structures Off Premises
  • Coverage C: Increased Personal Property Special Sub-Limits
  • Water Seepage Coverage Limit
  • Increased Landlord Furnishings Coverage
  • Refrigerated Property Coverage
  • Golf Cart Physical Damage Coverage

Landlord Only Additional Coverage

Openly's landlord policy includes many coverages typically not included unless added for additional premium by an agent or policyholder.

  • Coverage B included
  • Select Coverage C included (property owned and used by the named insured & family members only, not tenants)
  • Personal Property newly acquired and moved away from the residence premises
  • Coverage E: Premises Liability included

Optional Endorsements

  • Water Backup - $5,000 up to Full Coverage Limits
  • Earthquake Coverage
  • Earthquake Loss Assessment Coverage
  • Homesharing Program Coverage
  • Buried Utility Line Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Personal Cyber Coverage
  • Home Under Construction Coverage (Homeowner Only)
  • Blanket & Scheduled Property Coverage
  • State Specific Coverages (e.g. Mine Subsidence or Sinkhole Coverage)