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Life in Engineering

Engineering at Openly is all about finding creative and pragmatic ways to solve complex problems, with a focus on fostering great experiences. If you love collaborating closely with all parts of the business and using your technical skills to make a meaningful difference for our users, you'll fit right in.


The backbone of great software is the amazing folks who build it. Our software Engineers help us to move our technology forward and build best-in-class products.

Product & Design

Great products are no accident. Product Managers and Designers help shepherd our products to become the best version they can be, which is an ongoing, iterative process.


Managers lead teams of makers and keep us moving forward. They balance their time between leading people, managing engineering initiatives, and diving in the trenches themselves.

Our Hiring Process

We've designed our hiring process with you, the candidate, in mind. At every step, you have the chance to present your strengths and learn more about what makes Openly a great place to work.



Review our open positions, find a role that appeals to you, and apply. Don't worry if your background doesn't exactly match the listed qualifications: At Openly, we value curiosity and a desire to learn.


HR Interview

After application review, the next step is a 30-minute conversation with a recruiter. Expect to answer questions that reflect how your background and skills suit the role. We'll also discuss how well you align with our core values.

Apply / HR Interview


Hiring Manager Interview

You'll meet with members of the team, including the hiring manager. We'll get to know you, determine if you're a good fit, and see if you share our passion for building great software. You'll have time to ask us questions, too.


Technical Interview

You'll meet with more team members to explore your technical and fundamental skills. The goal? To see how you solve technically-challenging problems and to learn more about what gets you excited to go to work each day.



Coding Exercise

Work at your own pace on a solution to this take-home challenge, showcasing your technical and interpersonal skills in the process. There's no one right answer, but we want to see how you approach problem-solving and collaboration.


The Offer

Woohoo! The team loved meeting you, and your tech challenge went great. We'll have one final call to answer any remaining questions you may have and present you with an offer. We'll also discuss our great benefits.


Welcome to the Team!

Congratulations on your new role at Openly! Now, our focus is on arming you with the tools and resources you need to start strong.

First Days

On the first day, you'll be up and running with access to a working development environment. You'll also be getting to know your team and other key people at Openly.

First Weeks

Your first projects will be set up as pair-programming in collaboration with the team. It'll be your code, but we'll be there every step of the way to help you ship your work.

First Months

You're leading your own projects, working closely with product managers to scope out work, and designing lasting solutions with staff and principal engineers.

Our Tech Stack

Building an insurance company's entire tech stack means we're free to choose the tools we love.

Backend and APIs

All of our core systems and APIs are built using the Go language, a highly concurrent, type-safe language with a simple syntax built for scaling backends. Don't know it? No sweat, we'll teach you.

Backend and APIs

Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. All of our web UIs are built using Vue and other modern web standards like HTML, CSS, Nuxt, and Tailwind.

Backend and APIs

Our infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform. We rely on Google's best-in-class experience managing highly-secure, globally distributed, and fault-tolerant systems to host our services.

Curious About Other Teams?

No matter what your background looks like, there might be a role for you at Openly. We invite you to learn more about our other teams.