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Home Insurance Simplified

Home is where the heart is. Protect what matters most.

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Our Policies


Primary and Secondary
Our standard primary and secondary policies are written on an ISO Homeowners 5—Comprehensive Form (HO-5), providing superior coverage and additional coverage options for your home
and personal property. 


Openly offers a landlord policy for homes rented to others. Written as a standard or enhanced ISO Homeowners 3—Special Form (HO-3), this policy protects a home that the Named Insured exclusively rents to others for a fee.

Protect What Matters



What's Covered:

The structure of your building, including walls, roof, and fixtures

What's it Covered From:

Open perils, meaning all types of losses unless specifically excluded

Other Structures

What's Covered:

Any structure detached from your home and on the property such as a detached garage, shed or fence

What's it Covered From:

Open perils, meaning all types of losses unless specifically excluded


Personal Property

What's Covered:

Tangible personal belongings that are not attached to the residence such as  furniture, electronics and clothing

What's it Covered From:

For HO-5 policies—Open perils, meaning all types of losses unless specifically excluded 

For HO-3 policies—Named perils, meaning types of losses specifically named in the policy

Loss of Use

What's Covered:

Living expenses incurred when you can't safely stay in your home due to a covered loss

What's it Covered From:

Reimbursement for comparable standard of living expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt



What's Covered:

Legal defense and financial compensation if sued, or medical expenses for guests injured on your property

What's it Covered From:

A lawsuit or incident occurring on or off your property where you are liable

Home Insurance Glossary

Guaranteed Replacement Cost means that Openly will cover the full cost of replacing the home—even if the amount exceeds coverage limits (in the event the insured chooses to rebuild).*

*In GA, KS, MS, MO, NH, OH, SC, TN and WI, coverage amount is subject to Coverage A and conditions listed in the policy.

Blanket coverage is coverage of contents of the home up to a predetermined limit. This reduces the number of scheduled property items, which lessens the need for appraisals by the policyholder. 

An endorsement is a modification to an insurance policy, such as an additional coverage option. Openly offers more than 15 endorsements.

Scheduled property is an endorsement, or supplement, that extends coverage beyond standard protections, ensuring full coverage of high-value items, such as jewelry

The named insured are the parties who appear on the policy declarations page and have an insurable interest in the dwelling and its contents.

A named peril policy insures against the sources of loss (perils) that are listed in the policy such as fire, earthquake or hail.

An open peril policy insures against the sources of loss (perils) to covered property from all causes except those that are specifically excluded. Our primary and secondary home policies cover dwelling, other structure, and personal property under “open perils”.

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